Wyclef Jean Updates Fans After Hospitalization for Exhaustion

Wyclef Jean is in the hospital for the first time, but he’s letting fans know he’s fine.

Speaking with TMZ, Wyclef Jean stated that he felt numbness in the right side of his face and immediately went to the doctor. The doctor then sent him to the emergency room.

On Instagram, Wyclef wrote: “Sometimes we forget that our body is our temple. I’ll be back soon.”

Wyclef stated that Dr. Walid Lashin informed Wyclef of his hospital stay and numbness from exhaustion and stress. Now Wyclef has returned home and more tests are scheduled.

Wyclef Jean has always held a lot of different things in his hands. Now the former Fugees member is using his talents in the automotive industry. On Monday (March 6), Jean showed off his new electric car in an Instagram post. The caption read: “US Prime Minister Attucks Apex AP0 salutes my electric supercar…. Little Haiti, we are up!!!!”

His new car is the Attucks Apex AP0, a lightweight two-seater supercar. It is said to be the world’s lightest electric supercar, weighing less than 2,700 pounds. The car was designed in the United Kingdom but built in the United States. Jean called it his dream car on Twitter. It was first presented at The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island Country and Golf Course last weekend in Florida.

Even though the Attucks Apex has been released, consumers won’t be able to purchase it until winter 2024. The electric car will cost $350,000 and will have a top speed of 190 mph. The car is able to accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 2-3 seconds! The “Cutest Girl” rapper continues to help improve his home country, Haiti. With this new vehicle, Jean plans to open its headquarters right in Little Haiti, Miami.

Wyclef spoke about his new supercar on Twitter.

“The Attucks Apex AP0 EV supercar also marks the launch of my new #AttucksFuture platform and technologies; we will voice and create dreams in the community.”

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